Sawn timber from Finnish woods since 1875

Westas Group is a financially solvent, independent Finnish sawmill company known for its good reputation both locally and globally. We produce high-quality spruce and pine sawn timber for further processing to companies in over 30 countries. The foundation of our operations lies in an experienced and highly motivated staff and long-term customer relationships.

Our two sawmills, Raunio and Pihlava, are located in western Finland, in a procurement area known for its high-quality raw material. In Finland, forests are sustainably managed and widely certified. The raw materials we use come from mainly privately owned forests in southwestern Finland, where we obtain high quality wood for our production. Most of our products end up as a raw material for industrial customers around the world. By-products from production are used in the pulp and paper industry or energy production in the region.

We buy round wood from Western Finland for our sawmills and sell sawn timber and sawmill by-products to large and medium-sized customers. We have deep roots in Finnish forests and long tradition in serving our customers.

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Westas Group on yksi Suomen suurimmista yksityisistä puunjalostusyhtiöistä. Myy puusi meille.

This is what our customers think of us:


are satisfied to communication with our lumber salespersons'


considers the expertise of our wood procurement to be above average


wants to do also their next wood trade with Westas


will continue to choose Westas as its timber supplier
Co-operation between Profi Holz Fink and Westas dates back nearly 30 years, and in recent years, the volumes have been growing steadily. It’s nice working with Westas, because the partnership is open and fair.

Burkhard Fink (in the middle)

CEO, Profi Holz Fink