Biomass terminals

Westas Masku

Completed in 2023, Westas’s terminal area and chipping station in Masku is unparalleled in Finland. In addition to wood reception and intermediate storage, in the four-hectare area wood is processed into fuel chips for use by heating and power plants in the Turku area.

The terminal’s chipping station is the first of its kind built by a wood fuel supplier in Finland. The electrically driven, stationary chipping station is efficient and environmentally friendly and has a low noise level.

Loads arriving during the heating season are chipped immediately, while in summertime, loads are stored in an asphalt yard to await chipping. The ready chips are either loaded directly onto a full trailer or transferred by a conveyor to the asphalt yard for storing. From the storage pile, the fuel continues its journey to boilers within one month.

The main product of Westas Masku is chips from energy wood. The area also contains reserve inventories of sawdust and chipped forest residue. They help secure the Turku region’s heat supply even in possible emergency situations.

From a forest owner’s perspective, the use of energy wood provides a good alternative alongside pulpwood, as it means added value and stability from wood sales. The terminal processes only wood procured from certified Finnish forests.


Wood terminal and chipping station in figures

  • Commissioned in 2023
  • Asphalted area 4 ha
  • Turku 15 km, Naantali 8 km
  • Fuel in the amount of 300 GWh per year
  • Vermeer HG 6000 E electric chipper


Nothing goes to waste

The by-products from our sawmills and biomass generated in conjunction with wood procurement are used in energy production. Since heat and energy production is seasonal, a broad terminal network is required for the production and storage of biomass.

The biomass terminals are part of our supply security and enable disturbance-free deliveries to our customers also during exceptional circumstances, for example the spring thaw, when direct deliveries from forests are challenging. The terminals ensure reliable, flexible deliveries throughout the heating season.

Westas’s seven biomass terminals contribute to the sustainable bioenergy solutions of the future.

Biomass terminals in brief

Logistics functions intermediate storage, chip production, deliveries related to the national security of supply

Products Energy wood and forest residue fractions, sawmills’ by-products

Terminals Seven, in four provinces
Land areas Over 10 ha. Operations are governed by environmental permits.

Amount of energy annually delivered through the terminals 450 GWh

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