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Personal Data Act (523/1999) §10 website


Westas Group Oy
Business ID 2523631-9
Myllykyläntie 42, FI-31500 Koski TL

Contact details on matters related to the register

Westas Group Oy / Data Protection
Myllyläntie 42, FI-31500 Koski TL
Tel. +358 (0)2 484 400

Name of register

The visitor and customer register of the Group website

Purpose of the processing of personal data

Westas Group may collect data from people visiting its website and using the website’s separate functions for the purpose of maintaining services and handling contact requests and offer request forms.

Data may be used to implement customer service, to maintain customer relationships as well as marketing and communications. In marketing and communications, data may also be used to profile customer data.

Data may be processed in all Westas Group companies.

Data content of the register

  • The register may include the following data:
  • Contact details, such as name, address, telephone number, email address and other possibly individualizing identifiers
  • Data on contacts
  • Data on customer feedback
  • Data on the use of the website, such as cookies and browsing and search data
  • IP addresses
  • Other data separately provided by the user
  • Regular data sources

Data are received, for example

  • From the customer through the website or by phone or email
  • With the help of website analytics tools, for example cookies and log files
  • Regular disclosures of data

Data is transmitted to Westas Group’s companies and their personnel. Third parties and subcontractors may also be used in the processing of data.

Transferring data outside the EU or EEA

Data may also be transferred outside the EU or EEA.

Principles for the protection of the register

Manual materials

Manually processed data are stored in locked spaces and unnecessary data are destroyed in a data secure manner.

Electronically stored data

Data systems and files where the data are stored are protected with generally used protection measures, such as firewalls, passwords and other technical protection measures. Data systems and files are stored in locked spaces with restricted access.

Information on cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit websites. With the cookies on, we strive to better understand what kind of content the website users are interested in. Westas does not store the users’ personal data, such as names or addresses, in the cookies. The cookies we use do not harm the users’ computers.

The cookies used on the website may stay on your computer for a longer time or until you erase them yourself (persistent cookies) or they will be erased from your device as you exit our online service (session cookies).

As you use the Westas website, you may receive cookies from third party websites or domains. Our collaboration partners may send your computer or device cookies on our behalf to be able to provide its service for Westas. These cookies include cookies that collect user data from the website. By following the links on this website, you can get more information on these third-party cookies and how you can refuse them.

Most default browser settings accept the use of cookies. Most browsers can also be set to refuse cookies or to notify you every time cookies are being transferred to your computer. The user guide for the browser you use explains how to modify or change your browser settings.