Global Timber Supplier

The value of Westas’ wood materials comes from trust. Partners can trust in our strong expertise, cooperation and superb product quality. We can reliably deliver sawmill products throughout the whole year to our partners.

● Westas procurement area is known for its top raw material.
● 450 000 m³ high-quality spruce and pine sawn timber delivered per year.
● 85 % of wood travels to Asia, Europe and Africa.

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Expertise in customised products

With strong expertise and modern sawmill machinery, we can offer our partners customised sawmill solutions. In fact, more than two-thirds of our products are customised for customers. Precise cutting and computer-guided saw lines enable unique timber sawing and production of specialised dimensions. Our specialised peeling and drying processes enable high-quality control and optimal utilisation of raw wood material.

Are you looking for customised sawmill products? Let us help you!

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Optimised packaging and logistics

Finished products are packaged for delivery in optimised package sizes and stamped with quality codes. Careful packaging retains the materials’ quality high during delivery. Westas’ sawmills are located near growing harbours and transport routes. This allows for the fast delivery of products all over the world.

Westas timbers